These resources are provided free to students of the Academy of Bible and Theology and are also distributed free to pastors, evangelists and church leaders in the Global South.

We have been happy to learn that the plain, non-technical language of our resources appeals not only to readers in the Global South but also to readers in the United States, Canada and Europe. American, Canadian and European readers may purchase these resources on in support of AsiAfrica Ministries, Inc. Available in both paperback and ebook. 

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Many Church leaders in the vast, impoverished rural areas of Africa and south Asia, are unable to afford formal training in Bible colleges or seminaries. For this reason, AsiAfrica Ministries, Inc, provides free educational resources in the basic truths of the Christian faith for pastors, evangelists and Church leaders in the Global South.

Our primary teaching resource is our manual, "The Christian Doctrine of God." This manual is an accessible, readable introduction to the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity, a doctrine that lays the proper foundation for all other Christian doctrine. Church leaders are taught to begin all their thinking about God with Jesus, for Jesus is the revelation of God. Through Jesus, we learn that God is our loving Father whose very nature is love.


Our second major resource is our manual, "The King and the Kingdom: The Good News of Jesus Christ." This manual is designed both for pastors and Church leaders and also to serve as a resource for communal worship and study through "house churches" in areas where there are no churches. This manual is distributed primarily in India and Bangladesh.

Our third publication is called "Discipleship: Living in Union with Christ through the Communion of the Spirit." This resource describes discipleship as the fruit of the believer's union with Christ. Rather than a goal to achieve through moral effort, discipleship is the discovery of who we already are in union with Christ, so that we may live according to this joyous reality.