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Rev. Martin M. Davis, Ph.D. is Founder and President of AsiAfrica Ministries, Inc. He travels regularly to east Africa and south Asia, where he teaches and preaches in conferences for pastors, evangelists and other church leaders. He is an adjunct professor with Greenwich School of Theology/North-West University (S.A.). His wife, Sara, a retired school teacher, is a dedicated supporter of AsiAfrica Ministries, Inc.

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Evangelist Geofrey Muyanja is our partner in Uganda. Geofrey and his team conduct monthly evangelistic campaigns throughout Uganda, especially in remote rural areas. Geofrey also teaches our manual, "The Christian Doctrine of God," to pastors and church leaders. Geofrey is shown with his wife and ministry partner, Lydia.

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Dale Howie, our vice-president, is a retired businessman and husband of Wendy of forty-seven years. He is the father of five children, four of whom have grown to adulthood and are scattered across the United States. He served as a pastor and evangelist in prison ministry for more than10 years. He is the author of one book, “George MacDonald, The Child in the Mist.”

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Bishop George Musandile is our partner in Zambia. George and his wife, Jenny, have planted and oversee eight churches in Zambia. In addition to their pastoral responsibilities, George and Jenny conduct evangelistic and educational projects in Zambia using resources provided by AsiAfrica Ministries, Inc.

Rev. Susan Sanborn is our Secretary-Treasurer. She is a chaplin and counselor in San Antonio, TX. She is a retired teacher and nurse. Susan and her husband Glen, a former military attorney now in private practice, served in the United States military for many years in several countries.

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Pastor M.K. (right) is our partner in Bangladesh. AsiAfrica Ministries is currently planting house churches in this predominantly Muslim country. We provide each home group with our manual, "The King and the Kingdom: The Good News about Jesus Christ," as a primary resource for evangelism, education and worship.


Rev. Therese Baker Passmore is our Office Manager. Her primary responsibility is managing the daily activities of the Academy of Bible and Theology. Therese is involved in many community activities in Jackson, MS, sharing the love of Jesus Christ with others. Therese is married to Troy Passmore.


In India, where persecution of Christians is spreading rapidly, our partner is a highly-committed family ministry. This ministry uses our tracts, booklets and manuals, translated into their local language, to bring the good news about Jesus to their part of India.


Pastor Peter is our partner in southern India. This ministry uses our manual, "The King and the Kingdom," translated into the local language, to spread the good news about Jesus. Pastor Peter is also actively involved in ministry to those suffering with leprosy.

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