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Martin M. Davis, Ph.D. is the Founder and President of AsiAfrica Ministries, Inc. He is also the Founder and Presiding Bishop of the Academy of Bible and Theology, an international educational program that provides free resources to pastors, church leaders and serious students. He travels regularly to east Africa, where he teaches and conducts conferences for pastors, evangelists and other church leaders. His wife, Sara, a retired school teacher, is a dedicated supporter of AsiAfrica Ministries, Inc.

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Bishop Geofrey Muyanja is Vice-Chairman of AsiAfrica Ministries-Uganda. Geofrey and his team conduct monthly evangelistic campaigns throughout Uganda, especially in remote rural areas. Geofrey also teaches our manual, "The Christian Doctrine of God," to pastors and church leaders. He and his wife, Lydia, have three children.They live in Entebbe, Uganda.

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Dale Howie, our vice-president, is a retired businessman and husband of Wendy of forty-seven years. He is the father of five children, four of whom have grown to adulthood and are scattered across the United States. He served as a pastor and evangelist in prison ministry for more than10 years. He is the author of one book, “George MacDonald, The Child in the Mist.”


Bishop Andrew Were Wafukho is Vice-Chairman of AsiAfrica Ministries-Kenya. Andrew is a very active evangelist in East Africa. He is also an active teacher and supervisor for the Academy of Bible and Theology. He and his wife, Sarah Namisoho Wanyama, have three children. They live in Khaunga, Kenya. 

Rev. Susan Sanborn is our Secretary-Treasurer. She is a Chaplain and counselor in San Antonio, Texas. She is a retired teacher and nurse. Susan and her husband Glen, a former military attorney now in private practice, served in the United States military for many years in several countries.

Pastor Andrew Osuju Omollo is the Office Manager for AsiAfrica Ministries, Inc. (USA). He is also the Secretary for AsiAfrica Ministries-Kenya. He is the Senior Pastor of the Church of God of prophecy-Aedo branch in Migori Kenya. Pastor Andrew holds a Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies, Theology and Ministry from Ames International School of Ministry and Spirit and Life Seminary, respectively. He is married to Damarice Auma and they have three children, Favour, Emmanuel and Gracious.

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Pastor Eric Egesa is the Founder of Gospel Commission Ministry Kenya. He oversees 12 churches in Kenya and Uganda. He holds a Diploma in Christian Ministry. He is an officer of AsiAfrica Ministries-Kenya. He is very active in the Academy of Bible and Theology. Pastor Erick and his wife, Emily Mary Nekesa, live in Nambale, Kenya. They have three children, all boys.

Bishop Gladys N. Makokha supervises many pastors and students in the Academy of Bible and Theology. She is the Senior Pastor of the Church of Christ, Kiminini. She is an active evangelist in Kenya and Uganda. Bishop Gladys is a powerful speaker and prayer warrior. She is a widow with five children and an additional four orphans. She lives in Kiminini, Kenya.


Pastor Mukonyezi Tonny holds a Certificate in Pastoral Ministry. He is an officer of AsiAfrica Ministries-Uganda. He has supervised many students for the Academy of Bible and Theology. He and his wife, Alice, are the Senior Pastors of the Church of God Mayangayanga, with two branches in western Uganda.  They are active in evangelism and discipleship training in the rural areas of their country. Pastors Tonny and Alice have four children, and they care for many others. They live near Mukono, Uganda.

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Job Braddock Kiguti is the pastor of Deliverance International Church. Pastor Job supervises many groups of pastors and church leaders for the Academy of Bible and Theology. He is married to Timinah Job. They have four children: Esther, Eugene, Derrick and Glintone. They live ner Tongaren, Kenya.

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